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We love Lizzo. You love Lizzo. EVERYONE loves Lizzo. But this morning, people are divided over Lizzo and it has nothing to do with her music. It’s all about the booty…cheeks to be exact.

See, Lizzo went to the Lakers game last night and her ensemble gave us a full view of her cheeks and thong because the dress was cut out in the back.



Yeah, the Jumbotron camera cut away from Lizzo’s twerking reeeeeal quick.

So, is her outfit choice okay? Some people are saying no because of her size. Some are saying no because it was a public event with children. Some are saying no because who sits on a public seat with their bare booty out?

Others are saying there’s nothing wrong with the outfit and she’s in show business. Others say it’s fine because women like Lizzo shouldn’t be body shamed. Some are saying that it’s 2019 and women can wear whatever they want. Where do you stand?



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