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2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

The 2016 MTV VMAs went all out to top last year’s show, and it delivered some major moments that could not be missed. But if you did, we have a few highlights from the show!

2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Work, Work, Work

Rihanna kicked got the party started with a cotton candy extravaganza, mashing up some of her biggest fun-loving hits. If she left you wanting more, great because it was simply the first of four sets she would be performing that night. Each appearance offered up something different.

For her second act, she was serving up some dance hall for a medley of her tracks that had a little more island groove. RiRi embraced her boss-ness for her third set, demanding that b*tches have her money. She brought it all together for her powerhouse finale with Stay, Diamonds, and Must Be Love On The Brain. It was absolutely amazing and she sang from her heart. Everyone could feel that, and it reminded everyone why she deserves the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Who’s Hosting? The Whole Crew

MTV learned its lesson after last year’s train wreck with Miley Cyrus at the helm, and they opted for a team of comedians. It was probably the best decision they could have made how the show was going to roll. That said, Key & Peele got most of the transitional screen time.


2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Where’s Drake?

Diddy came out in a Kimono sleeve cardigan to present the award for Best Hip Hop. The award ultimately went to Drake, who couldn’t make it to stage in time. Drake would have been there to accept the award, but apparently he was stuck in traffic. NYC traffic strikes again. Of course, he made it just in time to present Rihanna with her Video Vanguard Award, looking sharp as ever in a tuxedo. And of course he used the time to gush over her because a billboard simply is not enough.

Oh, hey, Cassie!

So much for those rumors that Diddy and Cassie have split up for good. Cameras caught her right beside him in the audience.

2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj Get Physical

Ariana Grande got everyone in shape for her performance of “Side To Side” and showed us all that she’s got a promising career as a spin class leader should the music thing not work out. And if you wondered where Nicki Minaj has been hiding, she’s apparently been working out at Ariana’s gym. Guaranteed, this track will be making its way to everyone’s work out and/or playlist.

2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Future Brings His Squad

Future looked like the frontman of the Hip Hop Temptations for his performance of “F*ck Up Some Commas,” but the crowd was into it.

2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Kanye’s 4 Minutes Of Power Catches Everyone’s Attention

MTV gave Kanye West four minutes to do whatever he wants during the 2016 MTV VMAs, and he decided to premiere a video. First, though, he wanted to share some thoughts and let it be known that he wouldn’t mind losing to Beyoncé–because he knows like the rest of the Beyhive that he should be so lucky. Things got a little messy when gave a shout out to Amber Rose and his wife Kim Kardashian. There was even mention of his phone call to Taylor Swift. However he also used his voice to bring attention to violence in his hometown of Chicago. Then, noting that his role models are “artist merchants,” he ranked himself among creators like Steve Jobs. Teyana Taylor gave a captivating solo in the video for “Fade,” which ended with a steamy shower scene between her and fiance Iman Shumpert. Kanye’s video took a hard left right there at the end, when Teyana was made to look like a lioness among sheep. It was very confusing, but Teyana is still body goals!

2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Beyoncé Drops The Mic!

Beyoncé’s performance was legendary from beginning to end. When they said that Beyoncé would be performing Lemonade, it sounded like a mistake. There’s no way that Bey was performing the entire album. Oh, but we forgot. She’s Beyoncé, and she can do whatever the hell she wants–up to and including smashing the camera with a bat, which she did it! And it was life. All of it. Right there on our screens. Then she capped it all of with ‘Formation’ and dropped her mic! She had to pull a quick change to get back to her seat in the audience so that she could accept her award for Best Female Video. Did we mention that ‘Lemonade’ won several professional awards during the transition? Yep, Queen B reigned supreme, but her night was all about girl power as she brought her baby girl Blue Ivy as her date. Given the fact that she was performing Lemonade it was probably best for Jay Z to stay home, she did show him some love while accepting her Video of the Year’ Award. By the way, did you catch her final costume change?!  She had an outfit for every award. Slay!

2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

And Then There Was Britney

Britney Spears came out to do some of her new material. It was okay, but Beyoncé is a tough act to follow.


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2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show
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