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Mother breastfeeding baby girl (2-4 months) outdoors, mid section

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Jessie Maher, the mother of a one-month old, was breast-feeding her baby in a Conneticut Target cafe area when she was verbally attacked by another patron. According to Maher, the man referred to her as a whore and hurled several obscenities her way before she whipped out her phone and began recording his behavior.

The law and Target policy allow women to breast-feed their babies in public areas. The mother’s video has been viewed more than 5 million times.

Conneticut state law indicates that mothers can generally breast-feed at a time, place and manner of their choosing while in a place of public accommodation, including stores. Women do not have to go to a special area or restroom, and do not have to cover the baby, the law states.

After demanding a refund for his food, the man was escorted from the area by several Target employees.




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