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We spent the weekend celebrating the birth of Whitney Houston. Then we awoke to find that Leolah Brown (the aunt dismissed from Bobbi Kristina’s funeral) has more words to share about Whitney, Pat and Bobbi Kristina. She recently posted the following on her Facebook page.


To all media,

I am just reading all this garbage that evidently is being fed to you. Pat Garland has NEVER been a “guardian” over my niece Bobbi Kristina Brown. That was THE BIGGEST LIE TOLD by her and whomever supported that lie. She was “PUT” over the estate by Cissy~Yes! However, Whitney would NEVER allow that. Whitney knew Pat hated her and would NEVER do that!

I, Leolah Brown was the only one that Whitney left guardianship to when it came to Bobbi Kristina. This is the main reason Pat hates me! Time is out for LIES! The Brown & Houston family knows I am telling the truth. But there is a reason why I never fought her grandmother Cissy on that.

With all due respect to Cissy, She and Pat both know just as well as anyone else in the Brown & Houston families..that I am the legal guardian to Bobbi Kristina CHOSEN BY my sister Whitney Houston. Furthermore, Pat was PRESENT when the documents were signed by Whitney and myself along with Whitney’s attorneys! If you find Pat’s name anywhere on any documents regarding Bobbi Kristina’s guardian or Whitney Houston, trust and know that they have been manipulated!

God is on the scene today~don’t play with me!

Now, Print That!

Leolah Brown