Sherri Shepherd wants to answer your questions, for sure, but every one has to be weighed by ‘Can this hurt me in court?’ she says. So today’s question is a little tricky, but Sherri’s going to answer anyway.

Dear Sherri:

So many people are judging the woman that helped the prisoners. But doesn’t every woman have a fantasy about being with a thug? Have you ever had an encounter with someone you would never admit to with your friends and family around? If the statue of limitations is up, can you talk about this encounter? 

Do you remember a comic named Pierre Edwards? We had gone on a date and had stimulating conversations about our hopes and dreams. Parents, you got to know when you raise you kids up with the thing, it never leaves them. I said I cannot, I cannot I cannot and I made him take me back all the way to may apartment. But then I called him the next week.

And he said ‘Sherri, if I come over and I get you….’ and then he picked me up and God hit me on the side of my head and I couldn’t. He lived about 45 minutes away. And he was not happy.

(Pierre Edwards was one of the comedians on The Fantastic Voyage 2015 this year, so the Crew wants to know if Sherri had a chance to make good on their earlier encounter.) 


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