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Dear Tom,

My daughter is the single mother of 3 boys: Tavian (11), Kiante (14) and DeShawn (17).  She works at community hospital network here in Indianapolis.

Antwinita has worked as a medical instrument technician for 12 years and counting.  She sterilizes and prepares medical and surgical tools for surgeons.  Tools like: scalpels, forceps, drill bits, scopes, staplers & probes.

It’s June and my daughter has been through a lot in 2015.  Last Christmas, her home was burglarized – the crooks took the TV and all the electronics.  They were mean enough to steal all of the presents that were under the tree…but she didn’t let that situation bring her down.  She managed to get some overtime hours in and moved her family to a better neighborhood.

Shortly afterwards, she was involved in a 4-car pile-up on an icy road.  The driver of the car that rear-ended her – the one who caused the chain reaction – fled the scene.  Fortunately, her car is still drivable – but her front end is damaged and her trunk is being held shut by a bungee cord.

Once again, she has been working a lot of overtime to save up money for the $1000 deductible to get her car fixed.  My daughter is a great mom who could use a little “pick me up” so that she can breathe a long awaited sigh of relief.  Lord knows she deserves it.

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