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In addition to Wilson’s uniform and gun, forensic tests found the teen’s blood on the interior door panel of his car, The Times said. But Wilson’s account did not include an explanation of why he shot at Brown numerous times even after they got out of the car, according to The Times. A preliminary autopsy showed the teen was shot at least six times, including twice in the head.

Dorian Johnson, 22, who was walking with Brown on the street when the shooting occurred, told CNN that Wilson pulled up and told them to get on the sidewalk. Johnson said Wilson grabbed Brown by his neck, but he tried to pull away as the officer pulled him toward. Wilson drew his gun and fired, hitting Brown, Johnson said.

When Brown ran away, Wilson followed him and fired, according to Johnson. Brown turned around with his hands up and told the officer he was unarmed, but the officer fired and Brown hit the ground, Johnson said. Sharpton had a number of pointed questions for Wilson.

“First of all, if you stopped him — Michael Brown and his friend — walking down the street, what led to the scuffle? … Secondly, how does he and you get in your car? You trying to do what by yourself?” Sharpton asked. “Now, if I go with you with your story all the way to that —  that Michael Brown was shot, gets up off you in the car —  why are you trying to tell me that a man … ran back at you when he knew you had the gun and you already shot him?”

I don’t know what the grand jury will ultimately decide to do but I do know, according to the Times, that Wilson’s account did not explain why he shot Brown six times when Brown was unarmed.

Shouldn’t this critical piece of evidence factor into the grand jury’s much-anticipated decision?

What do you think?

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