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 What’s New: The Mazda6 is essentially a carryover for the 2015 model year, after being redesigned last year.

 Pros: The Mazda6 current design embodies that of a premium class sedan. The fit, finish, ride and handling makes this Mazda a standout in the segment. It is definitely not a me-too type of vehicle, especially when taking into account its Infiniti-like curvaceous exterior design.

Moreover, the independent MacPherson Strut front suspension and multi-link rear suspension system provides the Mazda6 with the perfect balance, capturing the zoom, zoom feel we’ve seen in the ads. Added to that, the Mazda6 delivers the best drag coefficient in the segment, making the vehicle feel more like a sports sedan than a boring family sedan.

Furthermore, the Mazda6 Grand Touring model we reviewed was accessorized with a $2,000 Technology Package, which consisted of a radar-activated cruise control system, a high-beam automatic lighting system, a forward-collision alert system and a lane departure warning system. The Mazda6 was one of the first in the segment to offer such high-tech safety features.

And to boost the fuel-efficiency, making it the only 4-cylinder gas engine in its class pushing 40-mpg on the highway, our Mazda6 was equipped the i-ELOOP system, the regenerative braking system and an active grille shutters.

 Cons: The competitors in this segment offer a range of powertrains. Both Honda and Toyota offer a hybrid and a 6-cylinder; the VW Passat offers a diesel and the Kia offer a 4-cylinder turbo in the Sonata and the Optima. Unfortunately, the fuel-efficient Mazda6 only offers one powertrain. As a result of the competition in this segment offering a variety of powertrains, this also leads to some peppier engines, too. Mazda needs to consider adding a fuel-efficient turbo, which could push out horsepower in the 200 plus range. Yes, the design of this sporty sedan is begging for more horses. And it wouldn’t hurt if the engineers consider a manual option for the higher end Grand Touring model too! As a side note, we hear that a diesel could be in the pipeline. If that is the case, the VW Passat and the Mazda6 would be the only two in the segment to offer it.

Moreover, because of the cozy interior of the Mazda6, this results in less legroom for both the front and the rear occupants. Ironically, in this competitive segment, there are vehicles like the 2015 Hyundai Sonata and the VW Passat bragging about having the largest interior dimensions, which literally pushes them into the large car segment.

Furthermore, the tiny infotainment screen in the Mazda6 needs to be enlarged so that it is on par with its competitors.

And our last gripe is that the engineers should strongly consider adding a panoramic roof to heighten the cool factor of this sporty sedan. A single panel roof isn’t befitting for this premium class sedan.

The Verdict: For those seeking a fuel-efficient well-built five passenger vehicle, with sports car characteristics and a snazzy design, the Mazda6 would be high on our shopping list. And unlike the competitors in the segment, this isn’t a high volume vehicle, so not everyone will be driving one.

Competition: 2015 Chrysler 200 C, 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited, Chevy Malibu LTZ, Ford Fusion Platinum, 2014 Honda Accord EX-L, Nissan Altima SL, Kia Optima SX, Toyota Camry XLE and VW Passat SEL


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