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Was The Nation Of Islam Involved In The Murder Of Biggie Smalls? (thumbnail)

I am Biggie’s biggest fan. For me he is the greatest rapper to ever have graced the game .

Even if you don’t believe that he’s the greatest of all time, you can’t deny that he dominated the early ’90’s.

He’s one of the biggest reasons we love the 90’s!

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Today, I (we) salute BIG on his born day.

I love the introduction of B.I.G. on the Biggie Duets: The Final Chapter album. Today, I share it with you as the introduction to some of my favorite IG tributes to Christopher “Frank White” Wallace aka Big Poppa.

[Jamaican Host]

Ladies and Gentlemen

We’re gonna ask you for some fanfare…the band fanfare because…ladies and gentlemen…sting has always gone ahead of itself.

They have done it again and again and again.

I remember the year they brought in the fat boys they were hotter then ten thousand fire sides.

And if you know…and if you enjoy hip-hop…if you want one of the coldest brothaz out of North America…a brotha that gave you a song like


[Bigge] Uh-huh…

[Jamaican Host]

You hear a crew in Jamaica with something that goes like this

“Who the heck is this

Paging me in the morning

At the crack of dawning”

[Bigge] Yeauh!

[Jamaican Host]

Please welcome…for the first time…in Sting 96…Please welcome (welcome…welcome)

The Notorious….the Notorious…B.I.G…AKA Bigge!


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