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If you’re always thinking about how broke you are, then your actions will reflect those of a broke person. If you’re always thinking about bills, most likely you’re also talking about bills, and you’ll spend a lot of time dealing with bills. Maybe you should focus on how to get debt-free instead.

If you’re feeling bad, change the atmosphere by reading or looking at something positive and motivating. Negatives have to be replaced with positives in order for there to be a shift.

If you start thinking about how you’ll get rich, you will most likely start to engage in behavior that leads to getting rich.

In your mind’s eye, envision yourself as 20 pounds lighter. Now, that’s a start to eating and exercising properly.

Here are some negative things that some of us either think quietly in our hearts or discuss openly with our girlfriends. See if you can relate:

• I’m never going to get married and have children.

• I’m too fat; I hate my body.

• I’m so stupid; why did I say that?

• I’m never going to get a raise.

• I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m never going to succeed.

• I need to stay in this relationship; it may be the best that I can do.

Now, imagine that you changed your mind and incorporated a positive perspective. For instance:

•    If I never get married or have children, my life will still be complete. I will work on me, enjoy my life and live it in such a way to invite the right man and family into my life.

•    There are things that I love and don’t love about my body. I’m going to enhance the good parts and work on the others. I will not stop until I get where I want to be.

•    I need more information. I’m going to inquire, do some research and get up-to-speed ASAP.

•    I want to make more money. I’m going to put together a proposal that demonstrates my worth in the marketplace and highlights all of the accomplishments that I’ve made in this company, including how I add to the bottom-line and growth. Beyond that, I will work on a plan to use my talents and abilities outside of the workplace to increase my income.

•    I will be successful, and I commit to learning and doing everything I need to do to ensure my success.

•    I deserve to be in a relationship that edifies my life and compliments me. Every relationship has challenges, and I will work to grow in it and with it if the good outweighs the bad and it’s not weighing me down. If it’s hurting too much, I will release it in love and move forward. I deserve to be my best and to live it.

What is in your head determines your actions. Perhaps now is the time to change the script you’ve been reading so you can improve your life.

DEYA DIRECTIVE: Everything that we need, we already have or can get. Once your mind and spirit are free, no one and nothing can have power over you unless you give that power away. Don’t give your power away. Think about the possibilities for your life, believe that it’s possible and move forward.

Deya “Direct” Smith is a lead producer on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and host of Girlfriend FM & Beyond the Studio celebrity interviews. She is also the best-selling author of Touch Yourself, 30 Ways to Live, Love and Let Go (! Deya is a life-style and inspirational speaker. See more of her videos and subscribe to Deya Direct’s YouTube channel here.

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