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8 mistakes you can avoid to make your food taste better.Ask your mom, grandma, big mama, auntie or whoever the GOOD cook is you know about these mistakes to avoid.

1- Under Heating Pans Before Cooking; pans are metallic and the metal needs to expand so you’ll have even heat; let pans heat up for 1 to 2 mins. before you start cooking.

2- Over Crowding Food In Pans; if you want your food to have a good browning, (sauteed mushrooms, beef, chicken), don’t over crowd the pan; only have 1 layer of the food with a little space in between each piece.

3- Baking With Ingredients That Aren’t Room Temperature.

4- Cooking Pasta In A Small Pot With A Low amount Of Water.

5- Not Letting Meat Rest Before Cutting; whether searing, grilling or roasting, let the meat rest a couple of minutes so the juices won’t just spill out.

6- Waiting To Season; if you wait towards the end of cooking time to season you’ll lose out on flavor, especially with beans and potatoes; season and taste as you cook.

7- Washing Good Cutlery And Pans In The Dishwasher; you’ll lose the edge on your knives and you’ll mess up the surface of the pans.

8- Measuring With The Wrong Tools; this may seem minor, but, especially when baking, it’s major; use measuring cups or carafe for all wet ingredients and cups or spoons form dry ingredients.

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