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We have all been watching and listening to updates on the Lance Armstrong saga.  Before the interview was conducted and before it even airs, Lance Armstrong and Oprah Winfrey have been making national news and been the subject of water cooler conversations around the country. While it’s amazing to watch this unfold, we have to pay attention to what this teaches us about ourselves. There are a two things we can learn about winning from this all:

Oprah Reveals Details Of Breast Cancer Scare

  • A lie is no substitute for the truth. We have an insatiable appetite for scandal, but in the end we all want to know the truth – and the truth can prove to be a bigger win than a lie. What Lance Armstrong did was inexcusable and lying over and over as he did made it worse.  When something of a scandalous nature occurs, TELL THE TRUTH!  The truth always wins because there is usually nothing left to find if the truth is told from the beginning … and the truth is usually much more interesting. When a person tells the truth you secretly uncover who they really are, which highlights more issues, problems and scandals than a lie ever could.

Oprah:Lance Armstrong Interview Biggest Of My Career

  • Brilliance lives in each of us; we have to pay attention, create a strategy for our lives and work the strategy. While we may be thinking that Oprah and her team are brilliant people (and indeed they are), we possess the same talent.  The most brilliant thing they were able to do was to nab the exclusive interview. When it leaked out over the weekend that Armstrong will confess to cheating in an interview with Oprah on her network OWN they used it to their advantage by creating a plan that would promote the show and subsequently increase ratings for the network, which has been suffering. How many things have you thought about, known about and allowed someone else to develop and implement the strategy for the win?