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The ratchetness of the Love and Hip Hop series returns tonight. Last week we were introduced to a new cast of characters and had an opportunity to catch up with a few of the old ones.  As we prepare for week 2, there are a some questions that we have to ask:

1. Is it really okay for a grown man to call himself Mendeecees? I mean it sounds like some deadly disease or the biological name for what women deal with every month, not a name for a grown man. Even if that is your mother-given name, we would suggest a nickname befitting of a grown man with a family and a career (or at least who is working to appear as if he has those things). Mendeecees is not that.

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2. Is Rich Dollarz really hot enough to play anybody? Last week we saw Rich Dollarz and Olivia chopping it up about his relationship with Erica Mena. During the conversation Rich gives us the impression that his relationship with Erica isn’t really that serious (though the kiss they shared in the beginning of the episode suggested otherwise). He so much as says it during their three-way conversation later. Erica gets up and storms out. We were a bit confused at why Erica was so upset … or better yet even cared. No disrespect Rich, but you are old and not really all that cute. Erica is young, cute and, as Gucci says in “Break Up,” ‘[boy] are like buses, miss one next 15 one comin.’ Erica will definitely be able to catch another bus. #believethat You on the other hand? You need to get your child support situation in order and stop trying to play like you are relevant to anyone but Olivia.

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3. What’s wrong with Joe BuddenWe don’t know where to start with this one. This dude is all over the place.

First, the beef he keeps going between Tahiry and Raqi proves that Joe Budden is crazier than a dog in a hubcap factory – like seriously. Joey, if you want to be with Tahiry get rid of Raqi. Message to all men: You don’t need to verify if the woman you want to be with is tripping on your friend girl. We have woman-sense and we know when women’s intentions are not good. Trust that. Don’t worry about what the chick is showing you, your girl has you back.

Second, doesn’t Joey have a girl? Why is his ex chilling at his house? We are confused.

Lastly, What attracted Tahiry to him and keeps her longing for his psychotic love? He obviously has a hold on her because homegirl is hooked.  We just hope he gets help for his mental illness and that in the process he and Tahiry can work out their issues and be together (yes, we are pulling for Joey and Tahiry). #realtalk

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4. Is Love and Hip Hop NYC playing second fiddle to Love and Hip Hop ATLNYC needs to step up its game because this first episode was almost a snoozer! We aren’t looking for fights, but we are looking for interesting people.  ATL served up the interest in the first 10 minutes of their debut. We need NYC to step up … or maybe, as they say, things are sweeter in the south … including reality television. #onepointforthesouth