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Kindred The Family Soul singularly might be one of the best duos in music. When you hear their music it takes you back to the time of pure R&B that was the theme our lives.  Aja and Fatin are as real as real gets.  They took time out to discuss  their 4th album entitled “Love Has No Recession” which will be released June 28th.

In life we meet  are people that put on facades just for the cameras. I can tell you 100% that duo of Fatin and Aja are no phonies. They are as real as real gets. I preface this by saying that they took a few minutes out of their day to talk about their upcoming interview all while managing to schedule picking up their children from school. The stars of their own reality show “Six Is It” reminds you that all that glitters is not gold but love is solid.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Fatin and Aja to talk about their music and marriage:

E8:What was the key to this album?

He Said: This album  is our 4t album. It’s a  real album that talks about real stuff. It’s about  adapting to circumstances in life, with marriage, and children and stuff.

She Said: It’s truthful and honest. It’s seasoned and feels comfortable.

E8: What is it like working as a married couple in the studio?

He Said: We both give each other freedom creatively.

She Said: We have been doing this together for awhile so, we know each other. The music is comfortable and comes from a comfortable place. We had great producers on this album that really helped us.

E8:What is the key to your  partnership?

He Said: We have been able to thrive on communication. Just like anything else communication is the key.

She said: Musically Magic happens It’s one of those things.

Here is a peak at the reality show:

E8:What is the inspiration for this album?

He said: Love has no recession. The recession does not affect the love. Love is deeper than just  saying the word I love you. You can have financial hardship but love will get you through.

E8: What do you want your fans to know?

He said: We want our fans to know that we appreciate them. That we know they want to hear real music and talk about real things. They have a voice with us. We hear them.

She said: It’s not always easy, but  we are all about showing real love, real family and we appreciate our fans for keeping it real with us.

At the end of the interview Aja and  Fatin returned to their everyday life and started dinner plans and homework. I had this great feeling of hope. Their music is uplifting and often celebrates their love for one another and their family.  This is what real marriage looks like.