The numbers are out and, shockingly, many Americans are doing their online Christmas shopping while they’re sitting on the throne. But not North Carolinians. We’re much more civilized and prefer to shop in the kitchen. A recent survey from breaks down where Americans are using their purchasing power. So now we need to know […]

Nope. Nope. Nope. Imagine going into your bathroom and finding an adult rattlesnake hanging out of your toilet. It happened to a family in Texas and the nightmare only got worse from that point. Inspectors were called to the house where they found 13 more snakes in a storm cellar, and 10 more under the […]

Nope. Nope. Nope. Imagine going into your bathroom and seeing a snake sticking out of your toilet. More specifically, an 8-foot cobra. That’s what happened to an apartment resident in South Africa. A snake wrangler was called to capture the snake, but the snake ultimately got away and is currently residing somewhere in the building’s […]

Add this to the list of jobs you probably don’t want. An Australian park ranger happened upon the country’s 2nd largest python during a routine bathroom cleaning. The reptile was TEN FEET LONG. Not only did he pull the snake out with his hands, he paused long enough to TAKE PICTURES. Nope. This song immediately […]

  We read an article on that talked about public bathrooms and the number of people who select to sit on the seat, hover over the seat or cover the seat in toilet paper. That got us thinking: What do you do?      

It’s finally here! The Winter Olympics! In Sochi, Russia! Seems that Sochi is still working on some of the kinks involved with hosting such a big event. Security issues, roaming packs of dogs and (most importantly) toilets. We’ve compiled a few photos of toilet issues that are making the rounds on the internet. Many will […]

A man in Tulsa was arrested after being found inside a septic tank under a women’s restroom. According to police, Kenneth Enslow had climbed into the septic tank and was staring up at people while they were using the facility. He was spotted by a woman who had taken her child to the bathroom. The […]

What do you do when a clown breaks into your home and takes your money, jewelry and car? If you’re Jacqueline Cutright of Akron, you keep your sense of humor, especially when the crime goes down the way it did. aol Read More