You know that TMZ is always on top of things. Now they’re reporting that a judge has ordered Mary J. Blige to pay Kendu Isaacs spousal support. You may remember that he originally requested about $129k per month. He ain’t getting that. The judge ordered that Mary pay Kendu $30k monthly in TEMPORARY support. She […]

In a recent interview, Mary J. Blige alleged that her husband, Kendu, had cheated on her. Apparently, this realization is what prompted their divorce. Read More: Mary J. Blige Opens Up About Her Marriage, Divorce & Spousal Support Well, now the plot thickens. Mary is alleging that Kendu spent her money on his other woman..about $420k […]

According to TMZ, Martin “Kendu” Isaacs has filed for temporary spousal support in during his divorce from Mary J. Blige. His argument is that Mary was the primary breadwinner during the 12 years they were married and he’s become accustomed to a lavish lifestyle. Oh, and he wants $129,319 per month. He estimates that Mary […]