A school in Minnesota is apologizing after video showing cafeteria workers throwing away hot lunches for students and replacing them with cold lunches. This was done to students who had a lunch balance of $15 or more. Approximately 40 students were affected. The school is apologizing because they say procedure wasn’t followed. School officials say […]

An angry Alabama father said it was inappropriate for his son's school to stamp his arm with a message that said, "I need lunch money." The principal said she would communicate with the father by email only going forward.

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Spam? School cafeteria pizza? Remember those yucky foods you always had to eat as a child? Aren’t you glad you don’t have to eat them anymore?…

For months the topic of health, nutrition and school lunches has been debated in the media. British Chef Jamie Oliver brought the most attention to the issue recently with his television show, “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” Oliver, who started the revolution in his native country, believes school lunches should be healthy. Says Jamie: This food […]