In the wake of protests over the death of George Floyd, we spoke with Erika Wilson, Associate Professor of Law, Thomas Willis Lambeth Distinguished Chair in Public Policy and Director of Clinical Programs at UNC School of Law. She spoke on America’s caste system, the laws that have kept Black people oppressed for centuries, what […]

Rep. John Conyers held a Capitol Hill briefing to spark dialogue about reparations.

The University of Wisconsin student government proposes free tuition for Blacks. They get push-back from school administration.

A group of U.N. experts issued a report urging the U.S. to give some form of reparations to African-Americans. The legacy of unresolved racial inequality continues to harm the nation's Black community.

A group of Georgetown University's slave descendants objects to the university's compensation plan. They want to work with the school to create a $1 billion foundation.

Georgetown University sold 272 slaves to rescue the school during a financial crisis. Many are now asking if the university should compensate the slaves' descendants.

The record for the most wins in a regular season was held for two decades by the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls team. Former NBA player Michael Jordan released a statement: “I want to congratulate the Warriors on an amazing season,” he said. “The game of basketball is always evolving and records are made to be broken.”

The Democratic candidate said Wednesday at an event in Philadelphia that he would issue the "necessary and overdue" apology about the horrific system.

President Obama has announced plans to visit a mosque for the first time in his presidency.

We’re not 100% sure what Rihanna’s new video is about, but Black Twitter thinks it’s about reparations. What do you think? (Warning: You may not want to watch this at work unless you turn your computer way down and hide the screen from others. #NSFW)        

Texas Board Passes Resolution On Reparations Without Even Realizing It Leaders in a North Texas county passed a resolution this week supporting reparations to African-Americans…

Since writer and cultural critic Ta-Nehisi Coates made his compelling “Case For Reparations” in The Atlantic, it has been a hot-button topic and the questions have…