Black National Anthem Causes Stir at Super Bowl — All Eyes on NY House Race — The Problem with Temu The post Sybil Wilkes ‘What You Need To Know:’ Temu, The National Black Anthem, & More appeared first on Black America Web.

Amanda Seales has officially released her political comedy documentary, 'In Amanda We Trust,' available for a limited time only. The post WATCH: Amanda Seales Releases Her Political Comedy Doc ‘In Amanda We Trust’ appeared first on Black America Web.

The state's GOP took full advantage of their new majority in the high court, making partisan gerrymandering legal in North Carolina.

Well, we can't say we didn't see this one coming. After disrupting the advancement of the Democrats' plans for policy when they had control of all of Congress and the White House, Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema has officially announced that she is leaving the Democratic Party and will register as an Independent. 

An increasing number of key national lawmakers have said they would back New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries succeeding Nancy Pelosi as House Democrats' leader. The post Will Hakeem Jeffries Be Democrats’ Next House Leader? Key Members Of Congress Support Him appeared first on NewsOne.

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Now-former Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez quit her post after racist remarks she said about a Black boy were recently revealed. The post LA City Council President Nury Martinez Resigns In Shame After Racist Remarks Revealed appeared first on NewsOne.

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Herschel Walker's son, Christian Walker, took to social media to call his father a liar who is "making a mockery" of his family after abortion allegations. The post Christian Walker Turns On His Father Calling Herschel A Liar Who Is ‘Making A Mockery of Us’ appeared first on NewsOne.

With Kanye West exhibiting the negative side of celebrity & politics, these 7 Black stars showed us how fame can be used for positive change.

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Sen. Raphael Warnock will debate Herschel Walker at his preferred venue, but topics won't be provided in advance, to Walker's chagrin. The post Herschel Walker Wanted A ‘Cheat Sheet’ Of Debate Questions Against Warnock appeared first on NewsOne.

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Herschel Walker declined a Thursday, October 13 debate against Raphael Warnock because he said it would happen during Sunday night football. The post Herschel Walker Turns Down Debating Warnock Because Of Sunday Night Football—Even Though The Debate Is On A Thursday appeared first on NewsOne.

Dennis Rodman's plans to travel to Russia to help free Brittney Griner are being discouraged by the Biden Administration. The post Dennis Rodman’s Russia Trip Will Likely ‘Hinder’ Brittney Griner Release Negotiations, Biden Admin Says appeared first on NewsOne.

The photo, which was originally drawn by editorial cartoonist Terry Mosher (aka Aislin) in 2020, pictured Trump wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood as he stands at a podium across from Biden. The post Fired Flight Attendant Sues Delta For Racial Discrimination Over Anti-Trump Social Post appeared first on NewsOne.