A former Asheville, NC police is on the other side of the law. Christopher Hickman will be facing serious charges for his part in the brutal beating of a black pedestrian, Johnnie Rush over alleged jaywalking. The County District Attorney’s office tweeted out a press release announcing the charges, meanwhile the FBI launched a criminal […]


Jacai Colson, a four-year veteran of the Prince George's County police department, "immediately stepped into action," when the gunman opened fire around 4:30 p.m. at the police station.

A Delaware officer who kicked a man in the head during an August 2013 arrest has returned to the force on administrative leave.


A judge ruled Wednesday that a Park Forest, Ill., officer would not be held criminally responsible for firing beanbag rounds at a knife-wielding World War…

It’s not often we catch police officers in the act of kindness, but reportedly an Indiana Pacers player did. Listen to the audio player to hear…

Investigators say Matthew U’ren, 25, wrecked his personal car while driving on Camden Road near the intersection of Whitfield Street. U’ren called a towing company and had his vehicle removed from the scene without notifying a law enforcement agency, investigators said. Once Fayetteville police investigators became aware of the wreck, they arrested U’ren at his […]