There’s been lots of talk about healthcare recently. Here’s what you need to know: It is NOT to late to be covered by the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare.) Until December 15th, North Carolinians who don’t get health insurance at work have a chance to sign up for quality coverage through You […]

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A new healthcare reform plan would allow states to eliminate protections for individuals who have pre-existing health conditions.

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Though I’m only in my twenties, I’ve survived circumstances that would devastate most. At the tender age of nine, I was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. Less than two years later, I became the recipient of a heart and kidney transplant–all before my twelfth birthday. You would think that this medical saga would end […]

The Republican congressman who yelled 'you lie' to Obama has the same words thrown back at him by angry constituents.

President Donald Trump issued an ultimatum to Congress Thursday to vote on repealing and replacing The Affordable Care Act ---known as Obamacare --- or he will move on to other issues on his agenda.

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24 million more people would lose coverage by 2026, while the federal deficit would decrease by $337 billion.

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House Ways and Means Committee members OK'd the new bill after a grueling 18-hour session, with Republicans voting 23-16.

Twitter lights up with opposition to the Republicans' proposed replacement to Obamacare.

We now have a look at what the GOP plan is to replace Obamacare. The plan will end Medicaid expansion in 2020 and the tax penalty for not having health insurance has been repealed. Naturally, the internet had LOTS to say about the new GOP healthcare plan. What better way to make fun of something […]

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President Donald Trump doubled down on a few of his controversial policies and outlined his agenda for Americans during his first joint address to a bitterly divided Congress Tuesday night.

Senate Republicans confirmed Tom Price as HHS secretary. The future of health care and abortion rights threatened.

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According to President Donald Trump, a replacement for the Affordable Care Act may not come until 2018.