VIA: WRAL.COM The head of the Wake County Board of Education on Wednesday called a disturbance and nearly 20 arrests at Tuesday’s school board meeting “sad” and called the state NAACP “irrelevant.” “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to recognize that there are other motivations other than what’s going on in the Wake […]

VIA: WNCN.COM The decision to switch to neighborhood schools has been a divisive one in Wake County, and although the school board has already voted to shift to the new model, groups such as “Great Schools In Wake” said they will still plan to have a presence and a voice at the meetings as the board hashes […]

VIA: WRAL.COM Leaders of the NAACP and African Methodist Episcopal Zion Churches of the Eastern District continue to encourage other civic, religious, parent and student groups to take part in a mass demonstration Tuesday against the Wake County Board of Education’s planned policy change that they say will lead to resegregated schools. “It’s important for […]

VIA: WTVD.COM The North Carolina Chapter of the NAACP is calling on the community to rally together against decisions made by the Wake County Board of Education. The group is vowing to keep Wake County public schools from becoming community schools, which it fears will lead to resegregation. NC NAACP President Rev. William Barber along […]

VIA: WRAL.COM A civil rights group staging a non-violent protest brought the Wake County school board meeting to a halt Tuesday afternoon when it took over the board’s meeting room, standing together with interlocked arms and singing “We Shall Overcome.” “Today, we register our legitimate discontent … We are willing to break a lesser law […]

VIA: WRAL.COM After several last-ditch efforts to keep diversity a factor in deciding how to assign students to Wake County schools, the Board of Education voted Tuesday to adopt a controversial policy that moves away from the district’s longstanding practice of busing. A crowd of opponents jeered, shouting “Hey, hey. Ho ho. Resegregation has got […]

Many will celebrate Earth Day by making a special effort to be a little kinder to our home planet. It’s chic to tell everyone how, on this day, you “rode a bike instead of driving” or “picked up some trash on the beach” or even, finally, made the commitment to forgo “paper” and “plastic” in […]

The NAACP elected a health care executive as its youngest board chairman Saturday, continuing a youth movement for the nation’s oldest civil rights organization.  Roslyn M. Brock, 44, was chosen to succeed Julian Bond. She had been vice chairman since 2001 and a member of the NAACP for 25 years. Brock works for Bon Secours Health Systems in Maryland as vice president […]

VIA:  NAACP.Org The NAACP was formed partly in response to the continuing horrific practice of lynching and the 1908 race riot in Springfield, the capital of Illinois and resting place of President Abraham Lincoln. Appalled at the violence that was committed against blacks, a group of white liberals that included Mary White Ovington and Oswald […]