The challenge of love is sticking by each other through the thick and thin. But sometimes the “thick” gets damn near impenetrable and walking out…

Lisa Raye  is talking about fornication and becoming a good Christian.  It has been a week of surprises and confessions from everyone.  It appears that everyone is rushing to get  “right” or at least honest with the world. Is there something the rest of us need to now? Is the world coming to an end, […]

Stacey Dash & LisaRaye New Show Single Ladies. Stacey Dash and LisaRaye’s new VH1 show “Single Ladies” is on it’s way, and we’ve got the trailer. consider it the new “Sex & the City,” as the comedic drama follows three best friends with different philosophies on sex and relationships. The show will first be preceded […]

LisaRaye’s daughter Kai Morae is the new face of Apple Bottoms! We saw the plus-size model in some behind the scenes footage from her first photo shoot with the brand. Now here is the finished ad campaign. LisaRaye’s Daughter’s Apple Bottoms Photo Shoot [BEHIND THE SCENES] Stacey Dash & LisaRaye’s New Show “Single Ladies” [TRAILER]

LisaRaye’s daughter Kai Morae did a photo shoot with Derek Blanks for Apple Bottoms.