A new study from the Radiological Society of North America and the University of Munich in Germany, has found obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring may lead to a high risk of heart issues more so in women than men. The study finds, nearly 5,000 women who snore may have an enlargement in their heart, […]

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A new study shows when people wear their hearts on their sleeves, they have an easier time attracting a mate and beginning healthy relationships. Click…


It may be thrilling when love makes your heart skip a beat, but under any other circumstance that may not be a good thing. Sudden…

We’re hearing more stories about people of all ages being diagnosed with an array of conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and even having heart attacks and strokes.  In the past, we’ve associated these conditions and diseases with older people however times have changed.

VIA: WTVD.COM A local woman’s family says the mother of two was brought back to life at UNC Hospitals after her sudden death. Doctors say Amy Moore’s case is truly a miracle. They say very few people survive the ordeal she suffered. At the age of 38, she suffered sudden cardiac death — her heart […]

  Via: MedicineNet.Com Research shows that there is an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease among men with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels. The study, conducted by Dr. Giovanni Corona, observed the testosterone levels of men who were seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction. Many of those men suffered from heart attacks or other […]

VIA: WEBMD.COM Logging Long Hours on the Job May Increase Risk for Heart Attack, Angina, Heart-Related Death, Study Finds   May 13, 2010 — Working a lot of overtime may be good for your wallet, but it may be bad for your heart. In a study of about 6,000 British civil servants followed for about […]

VIA: HEALTHNEWS.COM – PHOTO VIA: HEALTHY U   A joyous day indeed when the research done by the medical community actually finds that one of your favorite foods can aid your heart, cut your stroke risk and lower blood pressure. And just in time for Easter! Tomorrow’s publication of the European Heart Journal includes the […]

VIA: WEBMD.COM. PHOTO VIA: TOPNEWS.NI   Diet, sleep, fitness, and more — how to strengthen and protect your heart right now   How do you get a healthier heart, right now? The answer sounds too good to be true: “By simply leading a healthier life,” according to Nieca Goldberg, MD, medical director of New York […]