A Philadelphia couple exchanged vows on Saturday and then joined protesters at city hall. Dressed in their nuptial attire, Kerry-Anne and Michael Gordon joined a group of protesters who chanted “Black Lives Matter.” The couple joined hands and held up fists.     “It ended up being a very powerful moment,” Kerry-Anne Gordon, 35, told […]

An Indian bride walked out of her wedding after the groom failed a math test. Her question: What is 15 + 6? His response: 17 The groom’s family tried to convince the bride to stay and marry the him, but she refused. She felt that the groom’s family had misled her about his education. Most […]

Ooops, a Arizona groom drops bride on wedding day while running to their wedding reception, sending them both crashing onto a cement walkway. The bride says she didn’t feel the impact. What a way to cement their relationship!!!! Watch video below.

VIA: WRAL.COM One Missouri groom gave his bride-to-be a perfect token of his love: a $250,000-winning lottery ticket. Robert Russell surprised his betrothed, 30-year-old Tracie Rogers, with the early wedding gift. The scratch card surprised them both with its bounty. MORE