The Carolina Panthers are in the NFC Championship Game for the first time since the 2005 season, defeating the Seahawks in a nail bitter 31-24. Finally, the Panthers have the right players and chemistry to be Super Bowl Champions despite the naysayers. From Johnathan Stewart’s 59-yard run on Carolina’s first play, to Greg Olsen’s miraculous […]

What do you think? Who will win the game on Sunday? (This poll is totally official and results will absolutely impact the results of Sunday’s game. Honest. Kind of.)    


Erykah Badu is known and praised for her authenticity, but the songstress recently took to Twitter to show us all just how comfortable she really is in her own skin.

It seemed the Panthers had every thing all wrapped up, but don’t tell the Giants that. The Giants rallied to score 21 points and tie the game. Much of the game had referee’s separating New York Giants’ wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Carolina Panthers’ Josh Norman. Later, Beckham appears to throw a punch at […]

University of Missouri President Tom Wolfe on Sunday acknowledged problems with racism on campus after Black football players vowed to stop playing until he "resigns."

When the Panthers score a touchdown, part of Cam Newton’s ritual is to give the football to a young fan. But before he could do that yesterday, former Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers, now playing for the Packers, grabbed the ball and threw it away. REALLY!


The University of Missouri’s football team has joined students in their protest against University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe by boycotting all football games until…

Thomas Johnson reportedly stabbed a jogger to death at random, leaving police with more questions than answers about the incident.

A jury found Joseph Patterson guilty in the death of NFL running back Adrian Peterson‘s two-year-old son, ESPN reports. A South Dakota jury deliberated for…

Things got heated between Terrell Owens and a fan who reportedly called him the N-word during an altercation in a Starbucks on Tuesday.


Please continue to pray for this entire community of Franklin Parish. — Coach Rey (@Doug_B_Funny) September 5, 2015 Tyrell Cameron, 16, a student at…

Pittsburgh Steelers player James Harrison is under fire after stripping his sons of participation trophies they were awarded