Chipotle is paying for making people sick. The food chain has to pay a $25 million fine for making people sick from foodborne illnesses between 2015 and 2018. More than 1,100 people got sick, according to reports. “Chipotle failed to ensure that its employees both understood and complied with its food safety protocols, resulting in […]

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The NBA imposed the fine Monday after using the n-word in an interview on Friday.

VIA: CNN.COM The mayor of Dublin, Georgia, is expected to sign an ordinance Tuesday that prohibits the wearing of saggy pants. Violators face fines up to $200. The amendment to the municipality’s indecent exposure ordinance will be put into immediate effect at the city council meeting, Mayor Phil Best told CNN. It bans the wearing […]

Grammy award winning singer Erykah Badu has been sentenced to a six-month probation. She was also fined $500 after being found guilty of shooting naked a video in the area where president John F. Kennedy was killed. heraldsun Read More