A former Asheville, NC police is on the other side of the law. Christopher Hickman will be facing serious charges for his part in the brutal beating of a black pedestrian, Johnnie Rush over alleged jaywalking. The County District Attorney’s office tweeted out a press release announcing the charges, meanwhile the FBI launched a criminal […]

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A new filing written by Jeronimo Yanez's defense team claims his use of deadly force was triggered by a gun sighting.

Chicago's police chief said a climate of fear over protests makes cops reluctant to use their gun. That endangers their lives and public safety.


NewsOne Now panelists weigh in on Hillary Clinton's remarks about the murder of Black men in America.

A grand jury declined to indict the police officer who pinned down a Black girl at a pool party. The police will hold a community meeting to discuss moving forward.

A federal judge releases police dash-cam video of arrest that left teen brain damaged. The former officer pleaded guilty to federal civil rights charges.


ANew York police officer on Friday was found guilty of misdemeanor assault charges after “gratuitously” stomping on the head of a suspect nearly two years ago, reports the New York Daily News. Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Alan Marrus said the officer, Joel Edouard, 37, “let down his fellow officers by losing his composure in an […]

The San Antonio school district fires school police officer who body-slammed student. The superintendent said the officer's report is inconsistent with what the video shows.

Activists in Austin, Texas have accused an officer of using excessive force after he pepper-sprayed a handcuffed man inside a police wagon in a parking lot at the SXSW festival last week, according to the Huffington Post.

Two Baltimore school police officers have been charged after a viral video showed one officer slapping and kicking a student as the other stood by.

Closing statements were heard Monday, leading the jury into deliberations to determine the fate of William Porter, one of six Baltimore officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

One of the two Minneapolis police officers involved in the shooting death of Jamar Clark was sued just 10 days prior to the incident for excessive force in a separate case.