President Trump held a political rally in Minneapolis last night and used the Prince song, Purple Rain. The Prince estate later took to Twitter with a statement about the incident and posted a letter from a Trump attorney saying that the campaign would not use the late musician’s music. In the tweet, the estate stated, “President […]

Michael Jackson’s estate has asked a probate judge for permission to help pay the mortgage of Janet Jackson based on the amount of time her mother Katherine Jackson spends at the Las Vegas property, reports TMZ. A hearing is pending on the request, which was submitted before Janet and some of her siblings called for […]

According to the Associated Press, Shannon Price testified Monday in district court in Provo, Utah, that even though the two divorced in 2008 they continued to live together and presented themselves in public as married. But another woman, Anna Gray, says she is the rightful executor of his estate. In 2005, the late child star […]

Seven of Ray Charles’ children have been sued by members of the late singer’s charity foundation, reports CNN. Executives behind The Ray Charles Foundation claim they were named the sole benefactors, with Charles setting up a $500,000 trust for each of his kids in exchange for a guarantee that they “relinquished and waived any further […]

Don’t you just love family. A court battle between the late Teddy Pendergrass’ son and widow for control over his estate continues to brew. eurweb Read More

California court hears Joe Jackson’s appeal to replace the current administrators of his late son’s estate. billboard Read More

Her name is Conchita, a thin, spa-loving, diamond-draped heiress, and she’s at the center of one of America’s nastiest estate battles. She is also a dog — a chihuahua who was the favorite of the late Miami heiress Gail Posner, a daughter of the corporate takeover artist Victor Posner. When Ms. Posner died in March […]