Okay, we can file this under “things we didn’t expect on our 2023 bingo card.” Singer/Chef Kelis is back on the dating scene, according to the US Sun. Now, normally this wouldn’t be big news. However, it’s who she’s allegedly dating that is making headlines. That’s because her alleged new beau is none other than legendary funnyman… […]

SNL alum Bill Murray surprised fans with a guest appearance as former White House Chief Strategist Steve “Sloppy” Bannon. He appeared in the “Morning Joe” sketch with Kate McKinnon playing Mika Brzezinski and Alex Moffat as Joe Scarborough, Murray pulled down the hood of a dark cloak to reveal himself as Bannon, and to discuss […]

Radio One

“No one will ever believe you.” These words come from a site called billmurraystories.com and involve everyday people telling tales of how they came to…