Tim Lemuel, the owner of the bar Ruby Deluxe in downtown Raleigh, says he was fired upon by Raleigh police officers Sunday night as he and employees sat outside of his location. They said that they were sitting outside to defend the property and to distribute water and medical supplies to protesters. Lemuel said that […]

A Wake County man whose discrimination claims went viral online is now going public. Jonathan Wall said the response to his email alleging discrimination has been overwhelming. He said he never thought his negative experience at a Raleigh bar would bring so much attention, but he now welcomes it. “I’m left to ask what left […]

VIA: ABCNEWS.COM A Philadelphia bar actively discriminates against black patrons and employees, banning drinkers who wear baggy clothes and forcing black workers into behind-the-scenes jobs, according to a lawsuit filed by an attorney who moonlights there as a bartender. In a class action lawsuit against McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon, lawyers for bartender Michael Bolden said […]