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Grammy-nominated songstress Ledisi performed Thursday night to an excited audience at the Carolina Theatre. This is Ledisi’s first headlining tour, and Durham was her first stop on the tour. Fans eagerly awaited Ledisi’s entrance as opening act Timothy Bloom set the stage. With her passionate lyrics and her powerful vocals, Ledisi told stories of struggle, […]

When you notice that a friend suddenly won’t answer your text messages, tweets, texts or emails, this can be an unnerving and disturbing situation. According to About.com, the first sign that something could be ‘wrong’ with a friendship is often when you just don’t hear from your friend. Some people are not good at initiating […]

Here are tips for parents to encourage reading for teenagers. Lately, I have had a host of parents complain to me about their  struggle with getting their  teens to read anything but Facebook. With the surge of electronic there is a new opportunity to make it relevant in their world.   As an adult, you know […]

Bullying is out of control in our schools. Although it is hard for most parents to hear about their child’s negative behavior, parents of children who bully must work closely with the school to resolve the situation. Parents need to remember that children who bully are at high risk for engaging in risky or even […]

Putting children down for bed allows you to build bedtime rituals that will last a lifetime. Last year I was blessed enough to roll out a ritual that allowed my god-daughter to settle down into bed pleasantly. We have managed to say prayers, have snack time and Of course there, is a school of though […]

You’ve heard of the “empty nest syndrome,” but do you know how or if it really exists? Coined, in the 1970’s by psychologists, it stereotypically applies to women as a personal struggle dealing with the loss and change as their children leave home. This psychological condition often has its greatest impact on women in autumn, […]

Casseroles are simple quick easy go to meals for working adults. Here is a turkey casserole with wild rice that will be great for dinner and even better for lunch the next day! Ingredients: 2 ½ cups water 1 cup uncooked wild rice ( brown rice can be used) 4 cups cut-up cooked turkey 1 […]

Children should be trained in basic etiquette. Each day I feel as if the responsibility to teach our children basic manners has gone right out the window. Just how basic is basic, though? As a teacher and a Godmother, I am stickler for manners. If you don’t use them, you get nothing. My parents taught […]

The summer is quickly coming to a close and schools all over the country will be opening in the weeks ahead. From knowing what you already have to taking advantage of tax holidays, here are 5 simple ways to save on all of your back to school needs: 1. Take inventory. We usually do ourselves […]

If you’re a daddy’s girls, you know how special the bond is between a man and his daughter. For most young girls of color in today’s society, they cannot relate. They have never had a dad who cared for them, guided them or in most cases claimed them. Statistics show that 82.3% of African American […]

Creating a safe and healthy place for children to play can seem like a hard  task. It is summer time and the children are home. On really hot days you try and keep them in the house safe and cool.The house is the whole family’s abode, but each family member needs a turf of his […]

There are many advantages of using baby walker. One is to be proud of giving a valuable gift to the babies and the baby will be happy inside it.I must say that I am not a fan of baby walkers. All four of my godchildren learned to walk without them. Natural Remedies To Soothe Your […]