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Join artist Linette Knight in decorating the John Chavis Memorial Park construction fence with crochet art.

Linette will lead a series of indoor workshops to teach the basics of crochet and help you create your artwork. You’re also invited to join Linette to apply the crochet artwork to the fence in Spring/Summer 2020.

All ages and skill levels welcome.

About the Artist

As a student of fashion, art, and life, Linette Knight has learned that creating ways for people from all walks of life to express themselves through color and a range of different fabrics and mediums is what gives her life.  Her great passion is to open doors for people to find their greatest expression of self through everyday fashion and fiber art. Throughout high school and college, Linette learned that the best way to bring her designs to life couldn’t be taught in a class, so she hit the streets and strolled art galleries.

Originally from Newburgh, New York, Linette adopted an unapologetic edge to her style. After moving to Raleigh, NC she learned to incorporate clean sophistication to that edge, giving her a look outside the box and truly outside the norm. However, she felt she needed something to tie it all together. Looking to her creative family of artists and designers, and her husband coming from a graffiti and street art background, she decided to step away from fashion design and try her hand at Yarn Bombing. Linette covered everything she could in yarn, from bicycles to motorcycles. In 2012, she found direction through the largest yarn bombing art installation Raleigh, NC has ever seen: assisting artist Olek, from Poland, in completely covering Flanders Art Gallery from top to bottom, including a yarn covered farm tractor featured inside. Since she and her husband had already started a mural business a few years earlier and had been painting and creating fashion for Raleigh’s largest creative festival, SparkCon, Linette decided it was time for her to branch out with her new love. So in the summer of 2013, she started crocheting hats, scarves, gloves, and dolls. In 2014 she decided that wasn’t enough, so she took things even further and started designing fashions, focusing mainly on dresses. The goal was to take the box that closes in what crochet is naturally, break it down, and share the look, feel, and colorful expression of the new crochet world while making people look and feel great.

In 2017, she had another chance to work with Olek and forge an even greater bond while connecting with people from dozens of different backgrounds. This new project allowed Linette both to celebrate one of her favorite singers, Nina Simone, and tell a little of her own story. She found that she and Olek share very similar stories and a passion for fighting for women’s rights, the rights of all people, and against abuse, through the weaving of amazing webs of color and shapes.


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