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Mixed race mother nursing daughter in living room

Source: JGI/Tom Grill / Getty

In recent months, The Gap has taken bold steps with their advertising campaigns. During the holidays, they had a campaign called ‘Meet me in The Gap’. They weren’t just talking about the stores but about meeting people where they are in life.

Taking it a step farther, The Gap has started a campaign with women breastfeeding. WOW! All of the pictures are very tastefully done but it goes against what some people in society think is ‘nasty’ or ‘disgusting’. The idea of the campaign is to help ‘normalize’ breastfeeding.

Although The Gap is getting a lot of praise for their set of ads, some other companies have gotten pushback from showing women breastfeeding.

Comedian, Joey Salads posted a video on breastfeeding vs sexy on his Facebook page addressing the issue.

What do you think? Should The Gap get praise for their new campaign?