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Last week’s episode of the Love and Hip-Hop New York reunion spilled over into this week’s episode because of that massive brawl at the end between Kim, Judy, Samantha, Yandy and some random person(s) that ran up from the audience.

The melee was massive that security literally had to lock it down by keeping everyone in their dressing rooms. It gets so bad that everyone else on the cast had to remain in their dressing rooms, audience members had to be checked for weapons, and only Samantha, Erika and Yandy were allowed back on stage with Nina to “try to resolve their issues.”


Yandy’s take is that she’s sad that their kids are suffering because they can’t get along. She even tears up. Then Samantha shifts the focus to wanting to know who ran up on her. Yandy says she doesn’t know who it was, but It turns out that the two randoms from the audience were Yandy’s friends. Erika and Samantha blame Yandy for her friends’ actions, and tell her to own it, but footage also shows that Yandy really didn’t know who it was at that time. Perhaps Erika and Samantha should stop trying to blame Yandy for everything and own their respective parts in this too. Anyway, nothing gets resolved. It’s the same bickering, as per the usual. Womp womp.


Bianca, Drewski and Sky’s situation gets addressed. Drewski gets called out for leading Bianca on during the season (aka putting his laptop on her butt to type, and other heavy flirting that was inappropriate for a man with a girlfriend). Bianca finally gets Sky back for throwing bread at her. She shows Sky how they “feed the birds Uptown” by making it rain on her. Bianca, still single, claims she’s over the whole situation and that she never really wanted Drewski anyway. She just wanted to be petty. Yeah right, you could tell that she’s a little butt hurt—no pun intended. Meanwhile, Sky has forgiven Drewski for his shady transgressions while they were taping, and he proposed.


DJ Self, MariahLynn and Major Galore are up next. It’s a yawn fest. MariahLynn and Major Galore are working to get past their issues, but then out of nowhere, Major Galore goes at it with Cardi B. Then, Hennessy and Cardi B run up on her—Bronx-style, but security shut that down swiftly. It eventually comes out that Cardi and Major used to strip at the same club back in the day, and the beef stems from Major allegedly talking smack behind Cardi’s back. In other words, it’s dumb. Cardi B is on one with all the fighting. She now actually has a lot to lose so this really isn’t becoming. We know she’s known for popping off, but it’s really time for her to keep her hands to herself.


DJ Self is seriously still trying to to make Gwinin Entertainment a thing. In the meantime, do a Google search for “Gwinin Entertainment” and see if there’s a real website. I’ll wait. Anyway, Self wants his artists to follow his lead and learn to get along with each other. That lead in question is the fact that he put his issues with Cisco aside enough to bring Cisco on board the Gwinin team as a producer.


Lastly, the Peter, Amina and Tara Saga gets revisited. Word on the blogs is that Peter and Tara are currently back together (for now). However, at the time of taping, Tara was done with Peter and it came out that Peter was “single,” but still sleeping with Amina (aka he went back to sleeping with Amina because Tara denied him). Cardi piped up and told Amina to get some self respect and stop looking silly on national TV. Then Juelz dropped another gem from Captain Obvi, which is that Peter is sleeping with her because Tara doesn’t want him so she’s playing the rebound position. Amina claimed that she’s sleeping with him because she wants to be with him.


Obviously Amina doesn’t compute. You want to be with a man who wants to be with his ex who doesn’t want him (at the moment), but is calling himself single yet sleeping with you because you make yourself available—even despite having moved to the opposite side of the country to “get away from him.” It also came out that he lied to Tara about still sleeping with Amina.


That’s a wrap for New York, but one bright-ish spot from tonight is that Cardi B actually apologized to Asia (who will get the apology by watching on TV since she wasn’t there). Points added back for a sliver of maturity.

Next week we go south for the premiere of yet another season of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta.


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