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4. Using my kid’s stroller as a bag rest

Sure, we’re in a crowded space and the stroller tray may tempting but it’s there for snacks and my backpack. It doesn’t mean your sidewalk edition Louis Vuitton bag should sit on it, too. Who knows what that depths of filth that bag has been to and now you want to put it where my child eats his Cheerios?

5. Bringing your fight/argument next to my child

It’s easy to blow a fuse during the rat race of life. For whatever reason, some people don’t mind throwing a haymaker over the head of other people who nothing to do with it. Kids included. No lie, a guy once tried to smash a large picture frame over the head of another subway passenger sitting next to my son’s stroller.

I had to ask the guy if he was willing to go to jail for assaulting another man and a toddler. That calmed him down a bit and he stormed off however, the parent in me wanted to plant the same kick on him that put down Ronda Rousey. If you’re going to fight someone for whatever ignorant reason, please take it outside away from others, especially kids. No one cares how much of it you’re not having.

This isn’t too much to ask of people who consider themselves adults. While there are people who believe that having a stroller gives them extra privileges, I’d like to think that most are aware of their surroundings and not on a mission to inconvenience others. Believe me, all we’re looking for is a little courtesy, not a pinch hitter for a diaper change.

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