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When the Soul Train Music Awards planning committee began organizing this year’s event I am sure they wanted great ratings and substantial media coverage. I am not sure they expected to be an Internet trending topic for nearly 48 hours straight.

Yesterday the Internet was blazing with chatter about Erykah Badu’s shade of Iggy Azalea. Today, Mz. Badu is once again the topic of conversation, but it’s not her not so subtle diss of Iggy that has people talking. It’s her allegiance with the self-proclaimed Pied Piper of R&B Mr. R. Kelly that has Black Twitter is a tizzy.

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They believe Mz. Badu and BET’s support of R. shows they don’t care about black girls.

Umm, I’m thinking that’s a stretch.

Just last year when several women came out publicly about being raped by Bill Cosby the same Internets that are condemning Erkyah, R. and BET were supporting Bill. Seems like we are willing to support Bill than R. But why?

Both men have been accused of hideous crimes against women. Okay, okay – Bill was accused of raping older women of age and R. Kelly of raping women who were not of consenting age, but rape is rape – right?

Seems like the answer is no because while everyone was so willing to give Bill Cosby all the passes no one is issuing passes for R. Kelly – who, by the way, was acquitted of rape charges nearly 10 years ago.

SN: This entire conversation reminds me of my response to the open letter Imani Brammer wrote to Bobby Shmurda almost this exact time last year.

But I digress.

Back to the matter at hand. Let’s address the fact that the legal system fails us (black people) all the time and that this may be just a case where the legal system protected one of us (black people) instead of protecting innocent young girls. I honestly have no answer for that except – favor ain’t fair.

Well, maybe this too.

At what point do we accept the legal system acquittal and allow R. Kelly to live? Do we continue to treat him as a leper for the rest of his life? Does he not get a second chance? Do we not honor his musical genius – ever again? Do we stop Steppin In the Name of Love?

Yes, we have to stand for something, but we also have to decide to let live. I’ll let Mz. Badu have the last word on this one (cuz she said it better than I ever could).



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