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A judge decided Tuesday that the jurors in the case of William G. Porter, one of the police officers involved in the Freddie Gray incident, will not be sequestered or banned from interacting with their loved ones and other people during trial. Porter’s attorney argued that “extra precautions” were needed because Judge Barry Williams wanted to keep the trial in Baltimore. The defense attorneys fear that the jurors will be influenced by TV news, other people’s opinions, and social media. They want the jurors to stay in a hotel without cell phones and have their exchanges with family members monitored by police officials. Despite not being sequestered, the judge decided that the jurors will remain anonymous. “The same rationale follows here — these will likely be very costly felony trials — but the burden on potential jurors would be so great that sequestration would have significantly narrowed,” said J. Amy Dillard, an associate law professor at the University of Baltimore. Read more.

New Card Game Highlights Black Culture

A new card game is shining a light on black culture. Cards For All People recently released a game called Black Card Revoked that quizzes players on history, entertainment and daily life as it relates to black culture. The game was created by Latesha Williams who works as a sports marketing consultant. She said that ‘Black Twitter’ inspired her to bring the idea for the game to fruition. “We’re completely disrupting Spades & Bid Whist. This is more tailored to the black experience. Black culture is so universal. It’s kind of like a fun test for people of other cultures,” said Williams. “I know you have black friends but how much do you really know about them and their culture? Black culture is American culture because of that all families can partake for a hilarious learning experience.” Read more.

Patti LaBelle Says Her Pies are Like Weaves for Black Women

Ever since the video review about Patti LaBelle’s pies went viral, the legendary singer has been soaking up all of the attention. In a recent interview, LaBelle compared her pies to weave for black women. “We Black folks, we don’t spend our money on anything unless we know it’s phenomenal,” she said. “It’s like a Black woman with a weave — she ain’t gonna get that weave and spend all her money for it unless it’s a great weave.” After the video went viral, it’s been hard to find the pies in stores. Some people have been selling her pies on eBay from $50 and up. Read more.


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