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Sherri Shepherd says she’s met a new man, but she’s cautious. He’s both a cook and a supervisor for an airline. Shepherd says he’s handsome, polite and personable and he invited her to his family’s house for a New Orleans style cookout. But there’s a problem – he’s only 28 years old. Shepherd, as you may know is in her 40’s.

“Someone made the comment that my uterus is older than him,” she jokes. “That hurt me so badly. What if I fall asleep on the couch? It’s not that I’m old its that my blood sugar went crazy. Now I’ve got to tell him I’ve got diabetes and they’re going to be ‘she’s got that old people disease.’ Then as soon as he goes to the bathroom, his mama gonna be like ‘We were in English class together. What you want with my son?’

Has she, uh, hooked up with him yet? No. But Sherri’s TJMS advisors feel that dating a man who can fly anywhere at any time might be a problem.

Sherri says she feel insecure walking down the street with a man.

“I feel like when we walk down the street I’m paranoid. I feel like women are like ‘What you doin’ with that baby?’

So the jury is out so far on this young man and Sherri. Tom advice is that just like a salary cap in the NBA, there is an age cap in dating. And Sherri is advised to forget any wedding projections. The age cap, according to Tom, is that the combined ages in bed can’t be more than 100.

“That’s what got me into trouble. I project too far into the future. My one-night stands last five years too long,” Sherri says.

So if you see Shepherd out with a younger man, it just might be her new boo thang.

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