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deonta weaver animal cruelty

Deonta Weaver (pictured), a South Carolina teenager, has been sentenced for throwing cats in to the air, WCSC reports.

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Police issued an animal mistreatment citation to Weaver, after the 18-year-old Summerville teen admitted in court Monday that he indeed threw a kitten and cat while visiting family in Mt. Pleasant last September.

The appalling videos show Weaver casually picking up a kitten and throwing it toward nearby telephone wires. He then takes another cat and launches it in the opposite direction.

Watch a news report and video of Weaver throwing the cats here:

“Both videos are difficult to watch because the treatment toward the kitten and the cat was cruel and clearly illegal,”said Charleston Animal Society Cruelty Investigator Aldwin Roman who was desperate to locate the video source. Weaver admitted putting the video on his Vine, Facebook, and Instagram accounts; however, he removed them the same day.

“I was relentless with how much time I spent on the computer finding all his profiles, all the information, pulling it, collecting it,” Roman added.

Though animal cruelty in Mt. Pleasant is punishable with 30 days behind bars or a $500 fine, a judge sentenced Weaver to 50 hours of community service this week.

“Fifty hours of community service may not seem justified for what he did,” Roman said. ”I do want to give him a little bit of credit of the doubt that he’s a young kid. He made some bad decisions. Maybe the 50 hours of community service will give him a chance to think about what he did.”

Ramon said Weaver took the opportunity to apologize to him and called his actions “stupid.” That brought some closure for the investigator.

“I’m glad he owned up to it, but the act was still done.”

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