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The Most Touching Photos Of Bobbi Kristina & Whitney Houston
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The death of pop icon Whitney Houston still has the world reeling. The pop superstar was making history before she even had a record deal. Houston was the first black model on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. When Clive Davis introduced her on The Merv Griffin Show in 1985, there wasn’t any doubt she would become the template of what a glamorous pop singer was supposed to be.

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We’ve decided to pay homage to Whitney “The Voice” Houston by highlighting some of her best songs and videos. Our list is below.

What are some of your favorites? Share them in the comments below.

10. I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Whitney received a lot of flack during her career for having massive crossover appeal. Though she was booed at black award shows for not catering to a black audience, no audience-black or white- could front on “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” That record could come on in a club in the most hood part of America and thugs with face tatts will sing along like it’s a Pac record. Yes, Whitney, we want to dance with you!

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