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COATESVILLE, Pa. — A prosecutor says officials at a large southeastern Pennsylvania school district exchanged “shockingly racist” text messages on district phones.

Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan told The Associated Press on Monday that his office learned of the messages during an investigation into the Coatesville Area School District.

Check out the texts here.

He says the text messages “looked like something from 1813, not 2013.”

The Daily Local News of West Chester says Superintendent Richard Como (pictured left) and Director of Athletics and Activities Jim Donato (pictured right) used the district-owned cellphones to exchange a series of racist texts in June. Both resigned abruptly during the first week of school.

Here are a few exchanges between the two school officials, according to The Daily Local News:

In an often unintelligible exchange of messages, the pair repeatedly used well-known and offensive racial slurs while discussing students, faculty, and members of the athletics department.

“All should just have whatever first names they want…then last name is N—-R!,” Donato wrote to Como. “Leroy N—-r, Preacher N—-r, Night train n—-r, clarence n—-r, Latoya n—-r, Thelma n—-r and so on.”

“Great idea!” Como responded. “Joe n—-r bill n—-r snake n—-r got a nice ring to it.”

The conversation did not end there, as Como and Donato continued to use the slur as they appeared to discuss students in the school district.

“Could have whole homerooms of n—-r!” Como wrote.

“Hahahahaha!” Donato responded. “Will N—-r report to the office, pardon the interruption but will n—-r report to nurses office. N—-r to lunch now!”

On June 7, the pair exchanged another round of text messages discussing the then pending layoffs of district teachers and the recent firings of other black employees.

“Man some week for sure but will be topped Tuesday night by Delco vs. Ritter. Campbell fight over Dunn financial claims and sneak attack in wings,” Como wrote.

“Jesus christ! Can’t get much better (worse),” Donato replied. “Blood in water…”

“Right this could be classic conclusion to board meetings by end of month 23 (teachers) get clipped Tuesday a.m. before committee meeting and prob 6 to 9 more in July if Ritter budget numbers right,” Como said.

“How many n—-rs out of 23?” Donato asked. “Not enough!”

“Don’t know but think it’s only 4-5. At most until last minute rush of firing by Goo of Phoenix and Kamara,” Como answered.

“Good hangings there,” Donato wrote. The conversation continued with more obscene language.

Phone listings for Como and Donato weren’t immediately available.

Watch video report of this story below:

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