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Five year ago today, we lost the GREATEST entertainer of all time, Michael Jackson. I remember that day like it was yesterday, I was on the air teasing the songs coming up next and a MJ song was in the rotation. When I mentioned the title, I had to do my infamous impression of MJ, “YeeHee,” and Sha-Mown. All of sudden I got a text from a friend in LA saying that Michael Jackson had died, social media is notorious for posting a celebrity death hoax, because I hadn’t seen anything on the major networks. I text-ed and called friends in LA to get to the bottom of this. This can’t be true, because I was making plans to catch the “This Is It” tour in London with friends.

Finally, my suspicions were confirmed, Michael Jackson was dead of an apparent heart attack. I cracked the mic to relay the information to Foxy listeners while trying to maintain my composure. Listeners called to express their sympathy and what they loved about Michael Jackson all the while fighting back my tears. How could the greatest entertainers be gone?

My Michael Jackson most memorable moment– Spring break in Detroit at a talent showcase hosted by Gladys Knight at the Fox theater. Michael sported a huge Afro, wore a fringe vest, boots and had moves like the “Godfather” James Brown and a smile that captivated the audience. This is a little known black history fact, I actually saw the Jackson 5 before they became famous, WOW what a rush!!!!

Later that year, the Jackson 5 became a household name with their huge hit “I Want You Back”. I never had the opportunity to meet Michael or the Jackson 5 but the memories and music will live on for an amazing artist.

Gone too soon. We miss you Michael.

Leave your comments about your most memorable Michael Jackson moment.