In news that sounds less like a love match and more like the carefully orchestrated ambush by an actress with a plan, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is reportedly dating Eva Longoria, the former “Desperate Housewives” star and Tony Parker legal partner.

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That’s according to the people over at In Touch, which reported an incognito Longoria, 37, has gone on several dates with the “hunky” — their word — 25-year-old QB. The two have been seen together several times, including during a trip to a supermarket near Sanchez’s Bedminster, N.J., home.

“It looks like they’re testing the waters,” an insider told In Touch.

During one of the dates, Longoria was wearing a blonde wig to protect her identity, which seems like perfectly sensible behavior for a normal human being.

“They were laughing and having a great time,” an insider — a different insider? — told In Touch.

In a completely unrelated story, here’s video of a female praying mantis eating her male counterpart following a mating session.

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