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Upon learning that the NBA owners and players’ union were unable to come to a labor agreement after a four-hour meeting Tuesday, many of the players took to social media to express their dismay.

The NBA then announced that it had canceled the rest of the exhibition schedule and was on the brink of canceling regular season games.

Here are some tweets from NBA players:

DeAndre Jordan, Clippers center, “To all the NBA fans out there…. sorry!”

Jordan also said, “I also want to say sorry to all the people who work in the arenas that don’t have any means of income right now … way to go owners!”

Amare Stoudemire, New York Knicks forward, “Met with the NBA owners today, made no progress. We as players are a lot smarter then they think. We are prepared to boycott. #StandProud.”

Also from Stoudemire, “Fans we love U, we are trying our hardest 2 compromise with the owners. This (tough) 4 every1. Both sides want to get it done. Its taking time.”

Craig Smith, Clippers forward, “Y’all given me mixed feelings on who u want to win.”

Jimmer Fredette, rookie guard with the Sacramento Kings, “Dang more cancelations. I hope we can get something done sooner than later! #lockout.”

Ty Lawson, Denver Nuggets guard, “I’m a play full season..Preseason and everything on 2K12..Whenever I get it.”

Anthony Morrow, New Jersey Nets guard, “For the record, I’d Definitely go overseas to play… I jus realized I never answered that question.”

Spencer Hawes, Philadelphia 76ers center, “Today was a shame for nba and everyone that loves the game. Owners have no intention of negotiating in good faith and now every1 loses.”

Damien Wilkins, Atlanta Hawks forward, “Honestly, who does the public blame for this lockout we’re in? Players or owners? Because we’re not on the same side. It’s us vs them.”

Derrick Williams, rookie forward with Minnesota Timberwolves, “Crazy thing is .. I would be playing my first NBA game in a couple of weeks .. But that doesn’t look like it will happen. Smh.”