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A great deal is at stake in the election tomorrow. Today at 3p.m. don’t miss the Michael Baisden Show. Pre – Election Day show – Calls all day about the election, getting out the vote,

All Natural Thursday today at 3p.m. on the Michael Baisden Show. October is Domestic Violence month-Have you ever seen your mother or father hit one another? Are you a teacher or counselor who works with children from abusive homes? What long term impact does it have on the children?

Today at 3p.m.on the Michael Baisden Show. Getting fired was the best thing to ever happen to you. Have you turned getting laid off or fired into an opportunity to live your dream and start your own business. Never Satisfied: Why do we always need to have more, or bigger, or more expensive things? Who […]

Today at 3p.m. don’t miss the following topics: Shout out a friend who has encouraged you to get out of a bad situation, get in better shape, or to live your dream! Has The Michael Baisden Show encouraged you to eat healthier, be more politically/socially active, inspire you to start your own business, or just […]

Today at 3p.m. on Madd Issues Monday Does your wife/girlfriends or friends support your relationship or interfere with it? Is it serious enough to end the relationship. What advice or lessons have you learned about allowing friends and family into your personal business and in your bedroom?

It’s Drama Tuesday on the Michael Baisden Show. Today at 3p.m. don’t miss. Appreciation Day for Women: Have you ever heard your father tell your mother, “I love you?” And pat her on the behind!

Today at 3p.m. on the Michael Baisden show. Baisden talks about your health and how pharmaceutical drugs are effecting your health. 1st Hour: Have you seen the film, Forks Over knives? How did it change your perspective on food and disease? 2nd Hour: Drug Nation! How many meds are you on? And, can meds make […]

Today at 3p.m the Michael Baisden show deals with money and relationships. 1st hour: Money and friendship don’t mix… Falling out with friends and family over money. 2nd hour: How important is money in a relationship? Or maybe the better question is how important is how people manages their money? 3rd hour: Are we teaching […]

Today at 3p.m. on the Michael Baisden Show don’t miss Drama Tuesday. What advice would you give your younger self? ARE you set in your ways! Is it possible that a person has lived by himself or herself for so long that they can’t live with another person? Or does love conquer all?

Are you having relationships issues. Join Michael Baisden today at 3p.m. for Madd Issues Monday. I Quit! Men and Women who have given up on the idea of dating and/or getting married Finish the sentence: If you want to meet employed, single, honest, and non-crazy men/women whatever you do, DON’T move to… Single Ladies, have […]

Today at 3p.m. it’s “All Natural Thursday” on the Michael Baisden Show. 1st Hour: Stop using your kids as pawns! When parents fight and manipulate each other how does it impact the children? 2nd Hour: Children of divorce: Tell your parents how their fighting hurts you! 3rd Hour: Divorce/Separation doesn’t have to destroy our children. […]

Are you having relationship issues. Join Michael Baisden today at 3p.m. Why do some women fell it’s inappropriate to make the first move. Call the man you like today and tell him you’re interested and want to get to know him better.