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Bullying is out of control in our schools. Although it is hard for most parents to hear about their child’s negative behavior, parents of children who bully must work closely with the school to resolve the situation. Parents need to remember that children who bully are at high risk for engaging in risky or even […]

Putting children down for bed allows you to build bedtime rituals that will last a lifetime. Last year I was blessed enough to roll out a ritual that allowed my god-daughter to settle down into bed pleasantly. We have managed to say prayers, have snack time and Of course there, is a school of though […]

You’ve heard of the “empty nest syndrome,” but do you know how or if it really exists? Coined, in the 1970’s by psychologists, it stereotypically applies to women as a personal struggle dealing with the loss and change as their children leave home. This psychological condition often has its greatest impact on women in autumn, […]

Over the years of putting our own children to sleep and keeping them asleep, and counseling thousands of other moms and dads on various styles of nighttime parenting, here are some time-tested, proven attitudes and techniques. Most of these are applicable to infants and toddlers of all ages. New App BabyOnTime Will Give You Time […]