I hope my side-eye game is as strong as Michelle Obama’s someday! If looks could kill! Michelle Obama’s ‘side-eye’ during Trump’s inauguration speech drew hilarious reactions from Twitter. Your Favorite meme?


Twitter went in on the rapper, questioning his authority on women and how they depict their sexuality in relation to motherhood.

Social media has no chill when it comes to the #AskRachel posts. We’ve rounded up some of our faves. Enjoy! Did President Of Spokane NAACP Lie About Her Race?           https://instagram.com/p/33wOdwhDyJ/?taken-by=_qu33n.c   https://instagram.com/p/330zkmhD6a/?taken-by=_qu33n.c   https://instagram.com/p/33wAp0BDxp/?taken-by=_qu33n.c   https://instagram.com/p/330xa1Esuk/?taken-by=officialezinne                 https://instagram.com/p/330liXllXE/?taken-by=negus_am_i   https://instagram.com/p/330WfQllWj/?taken-by=negus_am_i   https://instagram.com/p/330Rkrl4uF/?taken-by=iamvonjuan   […]

Amber Rose broke the internet when she started sharing unbelievably sexy photos of herself on vacation with BFF Blac Chyna in Miami. The photos were…