With mowing season underway, area residents have one more chance to trade in their old gas-guzzling mowers and other yard equipment and take advantage of steep discounts on cleaner and greener electric versions. The second event in the 3rd Annual “Get Your Grass Off Gas” will be held at Jordan High School, located at 6806 […]

A unique business in Fayetteville is attracting thrill seekers and nature lovers alike.

Gasoline mowers and other gas-powered landscape equipment are highly polluting when running, and refueling them results in gasoline spillage that adds up to higher local ozone levels.

Via: ASE.org Programmable thermostats are an extremely effective way to save serious money on your heating and cooling costs. So replacing our house’s old manual model was a top priority soon after we moved in. And while it may look tricky at first, it’s actually a fairly straight forward project. Just make sure it’s actually […]

Via www.tmcnet.com There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day, and here’s a new one for 2010: go green in a job search and incorporate telecommuting as a work option. There are many environmental benefits from telecommuting (which most people know), and many professional opportunities available the incorporate telecommuting (which most people don’t know). FlexJobs.com […]

Via www.bhgrealestate.com: Want to save the environment, but can’t afford costly solar panels? Are you eager to cut down on energy costs, but leery about putting a wind turbine in your backyard? Don’t worry. There are plenty of easy and affordable ways to “go green with a home makeover and stay within your budget.” For example, […]

Source reduction can conserve resources, reduce pollution, and help cut waste disposal and handling costs. It avoids the costs of recycling, composting and landfilling. Reducing the amount of solid waste we each generate is the first step. We can all look at the things we do every day that make garbage and see which ones are […]

Use perennial vegetables instead of annuals. Plant edibles including trees, vines, bushes, and ground-covers, to reduce your carbon footprint and have a “farmer’s market at home”. Avoid using leaf blowers and other dust-producing equipment. Leave dog leavings on the yard. they decompose and return nutrients to the soil Use recycled wood chips to keep the […]