Erica Mena stormed onto “Love & Hip Hop” like a bat out of h*ll! Within her first few minutes of appearing on the melodramatic reality show, she was attacking Kimbella. Calling her names and referring to career as inferior and soft porn. Mena even accused Kim of sexing her way to the top. Later she […]

The Kimbella/Erica Mena debacle is getting bigger and bigger by the minute. While Erica claims that the fight VH1 aired between her and Kim has caused her career to plummet, Kimbella claims Erica is a “crack whore.” The reality TV baby momma recently spoke with TheYBF where she told them her side of the physical […]

Erica Mena from “Love & Hip Hop” called into the Q Deezy Show and gave her side of the huge fight between her and Kimbella and whether or not she slept with Fabolous. The model said said she’s upset that people got the wrong first impression of her due to the fact that a lot […]

I knew there was more drama between these two than what was portrayed in this week’s episode..Turns out there’s more to the beat down that took place on “Love & Hip Hop” on Monday night. Sources are saying that Erica hasn’t gotten over Kimbella stealing Fabolous (yeah you read it right) from her, the man […]

“Love & Hip Hop’s” newest cast member Erica Mena is upset with VH1 for showing the video of her fight with fellow co-star/model Kimbella Vanderhee. Erica says that the fight has ruined her modeling career and the editing was fixed to make Kimbella look innocent! Erica tells TMZ, the vicious, glass-smashing, hair-pulling cat fight between […]